Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dreadmill + Rage Against the Machine = 40 mins doable

Ah HA!  I found out the trick to staying on the damn thing - Some high energy angry music!  How sad is it that I just started listening to Rage this year...I was missing out in high school. 

I got home from work and put in 40 min intervals on the treadmill followed by a Bosu ab work out.
Thanks Rage - what a difference some kick ass music makes.

This weekend has been good - busy at work but I still got in a long ride on the single speed last night - Its wonderful to be in the woods alone in the dark - so peaceful!  

Food has been good,  I'm looking at a loss for the next Holiday Challenge weigh in on Wednesday morning.  

Yoga is on the menu for tomorrow morning and then a bike ride in the evening.  The weather here has been pretty perfect for MTB - no complaints.  

So here is a sample of some killer running tunes...

Rage - no shelter:


  1. Holy crap....where has Rage been for me?? I didn't even consider it. It's got a nice steady bass line that would insure a nice steady pace. Love it! Thanks Warrior.

  2. Congrats on a great week. Hey, whatever gets you going, right?!