Friday, December 7, 2012

Living in the moment

At yoga, on Wednesday we focused on being in the moment and coming into our middle - the center of ourselves.

I think working this type of practice is key.  This week has been as shit show at work and the only way I was able to keep it all together was to go back to that place of calm and center of myself.  
Have I mentioned that I love yoga?

Slowing down is the #1 thing I have to work on and going to yoga 2x a week is key to retraining my brain.

For 30+ years I have had a loop of negative self talk running through my brain and have battled that voice with shoving food in.  Wednesday was a huge breakthrough - funny how at the time it seemed like nothing.  

For one hour (during yoga) I had a loop going through my head.... I AM GOOD.

That is all, over and over again.  And wouldn't you know its changing everything.

Coming back to the center of myself and knowing at the end of the day - I am matter what I am good. 

I will slay that self hatred voice that does nothing for me - that voice can go away.  Because in this moment right now I am good.  The center of this moment is good and I am good.

Whats my plan today? - Run - protein protein protein water water water water water.

Happy Friday ~ be good to yourselves


  1. It is are good! Hell, so am I!

  2. You're not just good - you are awesome :)

    Now, could your inner voice talk to mine, please?

  3. I adore you! You are GOOD! I approve this message. *thumbs up*

  4. The yoga class sounds great. And like ^^^they said, you are great.

  5. I need to find my "I am good" voice! You are amazing and I hope you rock the protein and water- I know you will!

  6. Wow! Your pictures from a few days ago are amazing!!! Congrats-- and you are good, fo' sho'.