Monday, December 3, 2012

Just say No!

Gosh ~ I have underestimated how challenging this time of year can be wise.  

Saturday's dinner at Grandma's - no wine but I did have a bite or two of fourless chocolate cake - turns out I don't even like the stuff...who knew...funny what you find out when you slow down and taste your food.

Last night dinner at a friends house - I was supposed to be designated driver again...but that didn't happen - so I may have had a bit of wine...DOH!

Yesterday I went for a long solo MTB - 13 miles of trail bliss.  
And as I was patting myself on the back for being saintly and awesome with food one of my clients tried to torture me.  Yep - holiday gift season...... a big box of Godiva truffles...luckily Miss Lorie talked me off the ledge and I immediately gave the box to our admin for the office to snack on.

This was a big victory - I really wanted to sneak that box to my office and munch away until I was sick - but as I reluctantly gave the box away something happend....I got stronger.  Eventhough I believe that when one gives away food or turns down candy when offered, a band should play, a parade should appear, fireworks should spell out "You Are Awesome" in the sky and one's clothing should instantly become two sizes too big
But I guess I'll see victory on the scale on Wednesday  ~ my first challenge weigh in!  

Its Monday - so off to yoga I go and then a mountain bike ride tonight ~ whoop whoop!



  1. So, I was a drum major in high school and college, so I'll lead your parade! You Are AWESOME!

    I felt that same feeling of "why is no one cheering?" on Friday when we had our all-staff holiday brunch. Huge buffet of cheesy eggs, sausages, bagels, danish - not a fruit cup or yogurt in sight - and I had.....a glass of orange juice.

    So we'll just have to applaud for each other, deal?

  2. You've got cheers from here!!! Woot Woot! Go fought sugar and won!!!

  3. You are my hero! I don't know if I could have turned away that level of chocolate!
    I'm at work now and have already eaten 4 Hershey miniatures. Ugh!

  4. *throws confetti and lights firecrackers* You go Warrior! Such a wonderful victory because I know where you and I both have been over the last few months so turning down something today is genuinely a good thing. I'm so proud of you. *hugs*

  5. yea!!!! that is so cool you turned the chocolate down....I am a crack whore when it comes to chocolate!