Wednesday, December 19, 2012

WTF weigh in and party pictures

Doing the wrong thing because that's what I do - not because its what I want to do or what I should do.
In short this describes this week for me.  
I was working so hard for the two weeks before - on the wagon - no sugar - all protein and working out hard - making progress and most importantly feeling great.  Health and Head - it was game on and my soul was shiny!

After weigh in last Wednesday - I thought it was ok to to "party" a bit with the food because that was the least expensive thing to reward myself with...then I had some drinks, skipped working out and then Friday happened - and I dealt with the shock by forcing myself to overeat.   I didn't even want to eat shit food, I had no desire too, but I turned to the one legal thing I could do in the middle of the day... I thought it wouldn't pan out so well if I started doing shots at lunch time to numb the pain.  Home life has been off the chart stressful and full of fights and drama.
The fact that I would turn to the one thing that makes me feel worse and not better in this time of pain just shows how little I have learned.

Holy Shit I gained 5.2 Pounds.  How I can gain so much in one week after struggling like hell to take it off one pound at a time.  Fuck.
Last Week - 158.6
This Week 163.8

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  1. all I can I am right there with you! Heres to a new week!

  2. God your gorgeous. This is a new week and you can get back on track. If you need to talk you know my email Warrior. *heart u*

  3. It is a new week and you are so damn adorable. I am sure you did not gain 5.2 pounds in one week- you must be retaining some fluid. Love you.

  4. Hang in there! I know the feeling and this time of year seems to be worse than usual! Here's to calmer water after the holidays!

  5. Well, you look just beautiful at the party! Today is a new day, we've all had weeks like that.

  6. I can relate. Love the pictures! You are very pretty. First time "really" seeing you!


  7. You are simply adorable:) Just get back to doing what you were doing and it will come off once again. Drink LOTS and LOTS of water:)