Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pin up girl ~ and weigh in for Z's Holiday Challenge!

I finally got to see my proofs from the photo shoot for my surgeon's calendar - not too shabby.....
 Oh and I figured out how to get my photos back up - I had to go into picasa and delete some old ones - I think it may have deleted them off the blog not sure

Here's to hoping to be Miss July..I should have worn my red white and blue bikini... before surgery - 241



Don't ask about the frame...that was some type of hokey thing they were trying.

And weigh in today......
 Last week was 162.4
This Week 159.6 - Hello 150s! 
Loss of 2.8

This week was a total win/crush it kind of week.  Exercise - on point, food....80/20 rule in full effect, and I attribute it to yoga, protein, water and my support system.

SUCK IT  Holiday weight gain!  


  1. Your picture looks AWESOME! You are crushing it!

    The loss... well I'm at a loss for words! Good work woman!

  2. You look great!! You are crushing this challenge right out of the gate! You are going to be so proud of yourself in February!

  3. That picture is adorable - I kinda like the frame thing, too :)

    CRUSH IT. That's my catchphrase for the week now, thanks!

  4. Awwww - you rock! Your comparisons are stunning!

  5. Awesome comparison!!!!!!!! The top photos don't even look like you. You are adorable:)

  6. You look great! You looked great before too but now you look happier great!

  7. You look amazing. I love the photos for the calendar. Whenever you are feeling like you are failing at this...just take a look at those pictures and know that you are WINNING!!!!!

  8. holy shit balls girl, you look amazing.

  9. OMG you look fabulous and I am so jealous....can't wait to be banded!!

  10. Wowza!!!! Love the pictures. ....

  11. holy shizzle! the pics say it all! WAY TO GO!

  12. YAY! I get to see this post. Somehow it didn't show for me and said it was missing when you first posted it. LOVE that pic and the frame adds a little something. The comparisons are phenom and you are GORG. Love you Warrior. *hearts*

  13. AWESOME. Amazing. WOWZA. Way to rock it V! :)