Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday...12.12.12

Yesterday re-cap  - the rain finally cleared so I went out for a long run - I took this photo at my halfway point - 4 miles on the road legs are flipping sore....I like it.

Going to Yoga this morning instead of Mountain Biking - because Mo is coming with me!
Awesome!  The only bummer is I wanted get in some serious sweating before weigh in...yesterday post run I weighed in at 158.6 - down a pound from last week but it doesn't count - lets hope it holds for today...
Last night we had friends for dinner - and to watch the Holiday Classic - TED (best movie ever).  Tofu curry over coco rice and spinach - I may have had some wine and I may also have made sugar um sliced them from the Pillsbury roll...

In other exciting news I uploaded a my Garmin to Daily Mile - I'm sure I wont make my goal of 2000 miles in 2012...but so far 1512 miles ain't too shabby.  My miles have dwindled as I have added other types of exercise in and stopped doing long rides on the road because of the weather...

So....Weigh in today 12.12.12.. 

158.6~ Down 1 pound this week! Saying no is paying off - protein protein protein - water water water! 


  1. your little hiccup didn't last long! You're back to weighing less than me, so I have to start hating you again (just kidding!).
    I'm still totally jealous that you can eat rice!

  2. Sore legs is good no? Get those quads stripped and you'll be good as new. Congrats on the loss:)

  3. You are doing so well! I am amazed at your weigh loss when you are already so low to begin with. You will be at your goal in no time!