Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

1.  Joan Rivers and Fiddy Cent pushing a 5 hour energy drink type thing on a commercial -have you seen this?  I am speechless

2. Went to a going away party for our office manager last night - lots of hilarity - I may have drank a bit to much and not had enough food.... this morning I am not so cute - in fact I feel like a turd.

3. Today there is a free beginner TRX/Boot Camp class I'm taking - trying to get in all the fitness deals I possibly can.  Free is my favorite word.

4.  Got my hai (that's Long Island for hair) did yesterday.  Its VERY red.  and very Sharon Osborne.  Hoping it will tone down a bit over the next week.

5. Thanks for the sweet comments yesterday on my photos - I love before and afters - I used to spend hours online looking at videos and photos of peoples sucess stories and photos - pretty cool to have my own now.

6.  Yesterday was a bad day at work - no, I wasn't yelled at or made to do anything I didn't want to....but I lost at a bidding war.  :( .  I hate it when my customers don't get what they want.  I hate it even more when I realize that I could have had a very merry Christmas and new year with a nicely padded bank account.   C'est la vie.  One day I will be victorious.

7.  My bad day did not lead to eating - maybe too much booze but at least I didn't fall head first into a plate of mac n cheese.

8.  Christmas cookies - If I can shun them I will be fine.

9.  Not much to say today...

10. Make today count - according to the Mayans - there aren't many left..... :)     


  1. Hair pic?!! Im sure it is cute :) Love love love that you have your own success story! Happy for you!

  2. I missed the pictures. I will have to go back and check them out.

    I am counting on the Myan's to get me out of Christmas shopping. If they were wrong, I am screwed, lol.

  3. I tried clicking on that one with the pictures, but it said the link couldn't be found. I wish I could have seen them. I'd love to see your pics with the new hair.

    Also - I was out last night too and drank a bit and ate a bit. But not too much damage.

    So glad you're doing well girl. You rock.