Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ten Things Thursday...

First I'd Like to end the year with my mascot - LE Blobfish - Isn't she just adorable? 

1.  I'm pretty sure I was abducted by aliens last night...I woke up to lots of lights flashing in our room - like camera flashes ...then had a vision of me on a table with my back being operated on and woke up this morning with horrendous back pain.   
Just sayin....

2.  "Call me Maybe" is stuck in my head

3.  I'm not gonna lie - I'm a bit sad and disappointed that I didn't get a Christmas bonus or even a thank you from the person I work with/for - even though I adore him.  I wonder if the lack of this means that I don't do good work or that he is disappointed in me...\Got a bonus ~ yippy!!!  

4.  Today I did well with the plan for the most part.  Instead of soup I had grilled cheese and fries - I'm such a moron - my band is tight and I still forced it in.

5.  Ever just be on the verge of tears?  Thats me today.

6. Sammy dog keeps barking at me  like I'm gonna take her for a walk or something....NOT- its pitch black out and freezing!

7.  Yeah - I got nuthin else to say...let me know if anyone has an explanation for what happened to me last night.... maybe its detox...hmmm


  1. great, now call me maybe is stuck in MY head too...

  2. No explanation about last night, but I totally get forcing it in. For me, it's almost like an out-of-body experience. I see it happening, but it's like I can't stop it. I need to work on that in 2013. On the verge? Cry and then move on. Tomorrow's a new day.

  3. I definitely agree with alien abduction! Sorry you're having a bad day :( I agree with Kelly- have a good cry and then move on! {{{hugs}}}

  4. I hate days when the tears flow freely. This time of year can be hard. Hang in there. Warm your soul with soup and your body with a hot bath.

  5. Did the dog bark during the alien invasion? Sometimes when my dog barks at nothing in the middle of the night or the cat stares off into some empty spot across the room, I think there could be aliens or ghosties! Hope you feel better soon...

  6. I be on the verge of tears all the time. Especially during Christmas. Just an emo time, I guess. Blah.

    Blobfish, FTW.

  7. Maybe it was nightmares about that blobdish- god is that ugly.

  8. Just read your whole blog yesterday from front to back! I must say you are an inspiration! I think me and my hubby are going to take up mountain bike riding and finds some trails here once it gets slightly warmer...I think that is something I might actually thoroughly enjoy and it won't feel like work! I have always been big but have always been a great bike rider and very agile so hopefully that will be our thing that doesn't feel like exercise. Thanks for keeping up your blog in good times and bad!

  9. Awww, the blobfish is sort of a cutie. His face reminds me a bit of the comic character, Ziggy. I agree with the suggestion to have a good cry, sometimes that does a world of good. Happy New Year.