Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blustery Sunday

The wind is blowing at 30 and the temp is 29 --- grrrrr
This is the post were I tell you what I've been meaning to do....

I was supposed to be mountain biking all week ---but its been cold as balls and rainy/snowy
I was supposed to be relaxing and reflecting back on the year ---but I've been crazy busy at work - no clue why....but I'll take it
I was supposed to be eating well ----but I've been cracked out on the carbs, sugar and liquor ~ Cookies are like meth for me
I was supposed to clean and organize my house ---- but in my free time I've been watching Downton Abb
I was suposed to be mapping out a year ahead with milestones and steps to success - but every time I sit down to do this my eyes glaze over and I get foggy and can't see the future - not sure why this isbut my head goes blank.

So there!  All of my slacking and excuses are out of the way for the year!  I have gone the way of the sloth/blobfish for the last week - I am slowly working on my goals....and shall be posting them on Tuesday...
We have an epic New Years Eve planned  ~ We are going to my best friends house to watch Ted (I've only seen it 10 times) and have snacks and just chill by the fire.   I'm looking forward to ringing in the new year in a relaxed way.   
Here's to a kick ass 2013!!!!  
PS - I just want to thank everyone for being there for me - your comments mean the world to me! 


  1. Blobfish....while extremely cute is not who we want to be right? Right!
    I love that you have a rockin plan for the New Year's Eve. : ) I have to work on Tuesday (Boo!) so I will likely be getting to be early and have two years in a row of not bothering to actually ring in the New Year. It will be ok though.

    Cannot wait to read your goals Warrior. : )

  2. I am also not impressed with this cold and blistery weather. I have had enough of winter already.
    I got in the first two seasons of Downton Abbey. Love it.
    This is a rest week. Just don't do too much damage and start again on Monday (or Tuesday).
    I also have to work Monday and Tuesday so I will be doing nothing to celebrate 2013. I will celebrate next year at all the progress I made in 2013!! That's the plan.

  3. Lets rock out in the cold as we head to 2013,,,I can't wait to get my bike out either but it's gonna be atleast 4 months until its warm enough. Do you bike in the cold?

  4. I think sloths get a bad rap! Here are some of their good points: 1. They live in the beautiful rainforest. 2. They spend most of their lives in trees. 3. They are not really lazy--just slow moving. I say treat yourself to some "sloth" days to get ready for the new year! :-)

  5. Have a fun evening! Enjoy yourself and Here's to a great 2013! New Follower.

  6. Have a happy New Year:) Your New Years Eve sounds heavenly. Exactly what I'm doing:)

  7. Cookies are my meth too! I know you are going to kick ass in 2013! I'm going to be cheering for you the whole way!

  8. Happy New Year! 2013 is not going to know what hit it!