Friday, December 14, 2012

You know you need protien when..

You wake up dreaming about eating a huge breakfast full of jams and pastries...

Today - back to planning and protein, water, exercise.   

Yesterday....I didn't go totally off the rails...half off the rails perhaps..but today is the day...
There will be eggs and spinach for breakfast, chili for lunch and something sensible for dinner followed by Mountain Biking in the dark along the shore - there is meteor shower tonight that I plan on witnessing while biking.   Exercise doesn't have to be can be beautiful and fun!

Did I mention we have a wedding to go to tomorrow night in NYC? Well we do... this week has been one long ass party.  

I'm going to make some eggs.  Whats your go to food to get back on track?  


  1. Have fun at the wedding tomorrow!

    And my go-to get-back-on-track food is salads! I dunno why.

  2. My go to back on track food is tuna salad. I'm impressed with the biking while watching the shower...I am planning on taking my family and a blanket and laying (flat, with no crunches even) on the trampoline!!!

  3. You know I love grilling lunch meat around a cheese it and love the protein punch...I always love a good salad the crunch!

  4. I have missed you. Totally my fault.
    When I need to get on track I reach for an Atkin protein drink.

  5. Lean protein and leafy greens...story of my life:)

  6. I would love to see pics from the wedding! I love love weddings!! Hmmm go to foods to get back on track? I don't know that I really have any. I have to rely on my will power to get the carbs back out of the diet.