Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Last Week 186.4
This Week 186.6
 Gain .2

I know why this happened....

I'm pulling myself together after a bit of a relapse.  I know it started Friday night after my MTB ride - we rode for 2 hours and then were starving so stopped and got Mexican food - nachos, fish tacos and quesadillas...It seems I completely forgot about my eating plan that night... did the flour tortillas and cheese trigger cravings?  You bet your ass it did.
The nutella incident of Sunday night was a wake up call and I got right back on with my plan - high protein, veggies and lots of water.

Yesterday I went MTB at lunch with my bike buddy.  We rode fairly hard and had a great time - just wondering where the hell spring is?  - 45 degrees and raining when we rode....#bullshit

I'm loving the app "twogrand" that Dinnerland turned me onto - its like instagram for healthy food... very cool!

Yesterday - I ate -coffee, 2 eggs, 3 oz salmon, 1/2 cup shrimp salad, decaff soy misto, and small package of almonds....I forgot about dinner b/c we went to the movies... 

Overall the day was a victory - I had to fight through some pretty intense cravings but made it to the other side.
- exercise - check.  Food - fairly good - need to eat more veggies


  1. .2 lb. isn't much of a setback; that one should be easy to turn around if you jump on it!

  2. Love your photo collage...what kind of app is that? And I agree with Connie... .2?? Really? I don't even count anything past the makes me crazy. So I would call that even in my book!

  3. That Mexican food is killer. Good job for getting it together before any damage was done!!

  4. Oh I hear you on craving triggers. Right now, and since I have been doing my liquids and cutting out the cookies, I feel a LOT better. Where are you girlie? Don't give up. Not ever!!