Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend wrap up

I took the Sunday off!  

YAY!  It was much needed - the weather was perfect so off Mountain Biking I went.  
The woods are so peaceful, I rode for two hours all over and took in the vistas and the sunshine.  
Followed that up with lunch with a good friend and then dinner out with a group of our friends.  I meant not to have wine, garlic knots or dessert - but all three happened. I'm not hating on it.  It was a cheat meal and I'm feeling like ass this morning because of it.  Note to self - not worth it.

Today the shit storm continues with work - Wish me luck ~ there are a lot of balls in the air that have to line up correctly for me to get a pay check... 

I think Spring is actually finally here!!  There are flowers blooming and birds chirping.  This year it feels so good after that wretched winter we just had... 

Why I love Mo ~ This was an exchange from yesterday morning.

Me:  Mo! I just had the most intense feeling in my gut that we should live in California!
Mo: Really.  Where?
Me: LaJolla or Ojai
Mo: Ok.  What would we do there?
Me:  I have no clue, I just know we should be there.
Mo: Ok, what do we do with our house?  Rent it?
Me:  Yes
Mo: Ok. I better get the fence fixed.

Ha!  He is so used to my random feelings and ideas. :) 

PS - I updated my ticker - so let the losing continue

Below are some pictures of what I've been up to and eating...notice lots  of veggies!  So not like me...:)

That morning walk I was talking about the other day

Mountain Bike Ride Saturday Afternoon

Palm Sunday Ride
Egg and veggies with avocado and spices

Shrimp and veggies

Hummus and Veggies


  1. That morning walk is beautiful!! I wish I could experience that. Oh might require me to get out of bed. Umm...nope...I'll just keep looking at your pictures.

  2. I love Mo's response. We have a bit in common, because I am always coming up with randomness about moving and all sorts of things and he just rolls with it. It is pretty awesome.

  3. Your veggies look delish! I also love the randomness. :-)

  4. Do you still have the feeling that you should move to CA, or did it go away?