Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

Easter Sunday was total bliss ~ 
Mo and I slept in till 9:30 - I got a full 12 hours of sleep - I love sleeping.  Neither on of us had to do anything yesterday - so we spent the day together.  We went mtb in mtk - I crashed - 2x in one week - not normal for me but I've been on my single speed and super out of shape so not surprising at all.  And whats spring without a few bruises!

No Easter candy here... I gotta say I was a bit jelly of all the FB pics of people's baskets and candy .. but instead we had a kick ass lunch post mtb- I ordered a side of asparagus instead of fries (who am I?).
Then we lounged around in the sun in the back yard and got sushi take out... 

A few victories this weekend - 
1. I went out with friends and skipped the margarita and instead of corn fritters and fried fish - had swordfish with capers and lemon and string beans.  
2.  When I got the snacky feeling instead of tearing into some carby stuff I had some PB and protein shake.  
3.  Scale is trending down..

I have a dinner date tonight with a good friend - I picked the restaurant and already know what I'm ordering.... planning ahead!

Happy Monday!

 Eddie and Smai on a morning romp
 Easter lunch w mo! - 
side of asparagus - main course seared scallop and salad
 Sunday Bloody Sunday - another crash
 I love spring!


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