Monday, April 28, 2014

Keeping it real

Happy Monday...I woke up feeling like I was hit by a bus.. why? 
Because I had nutella last night....not a bit, not a dab but a full blown binge - spoon in the jar and ate until I felt sick.

Its all about the journey.  I don't drink much anymore b/c I hate the feeling the next morning - now I know nutella and all of its transfat bullshit does the same thing to my body.  Knowledge is power.

Today - eggs, fish, veggies and more veggies.  Then Mountain bike. 

 Even S'mai knows that Nutella is bullshit
 Surfers in the water yesterday morning - its freezing but spring is slowly coming...

Morning Beach View



  1. Hi- I'm back!! Thx for your emails… it has just been so hectic, but things are sorting out.I'm with you all the way. The most important thing (weight-wise) is to accept and love yourself (truly) and understand that you are responding to many biological urges to eat. We're fighting a 'losing' battle, but one worth continuing. If you're game: I'd say try the "TwoGrand" app (I am not getting any money for promoting them :-) ) and see if the power of just having to journal through photos is helpful. Just a thought and lots of hugs for you!!

  2. I cannot have a spoonful of Nutella. It is not possible. There is no Nutella. Or Nutella until I'm sick Nutella. I get it.