Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Last Week 192.6
This Week 188.2

4.4 pounds in one week - thats the biggest loss I've had since I have no idea - a year and a half ago?? I love when a plan works!

I crushed it this week with food.  By that I mean - I stuck with protein and veggies 95% of the time.  And even more exciting, no cravings and I wasn't obsessed with food.  So yeah... I'm pretty darn happy.
I'm not quite paleo, def not atkins,  its my own version of the mediteranain diet.
Lots of fish - salmon, tuna, founder, shrimp and lots of roasted, sauteed veggies. Eggs with veggies in the morning are my favorite.  If I'm on the fly I'll have a smoothie - with protein powder, some fruit and a dollop of Almond butter. I eat nuts too but its not the kind of thing I can have around or I'll eat waaay too many.

Work is crazy and I'm thrilled because I need to make that $$.  My next day off will be sometime in May. 
Here are some pics from my last MTB ride...I love spring!!


  1. That is incredible! Great job this past week, that must feel amazing! Keep it up this week - those mountain biking views look worth the early mornings and the sweat.

  2. ummm, I love you! I have always known you were a rockstar and here you are showing it!
    I am so impressed by your ability to be the bread winner. That would have me so nervous and also, we would be po-folk. My 30K a year teacher salary is not going to make the cut :)
    Good work warrior! On wards to summer dresses, better fitting jeans and long mountain bike rides.

  3. Great news! You totally rocked the whole week!
    Love the pics. You live in paradise.