Friday, April 11, 2014

Ten Things Friday

1.  I am desperate to ride my bike but work had been getting in the way..I didn't get done until 8:30 last night.  

2.  I'm hoping this hard work is paying off...

3.  Making great food decisions left and right...who am I 

4.  Last night I could have gone to my friends bar and had fried shrimp and some drinks after work but instead I went grocery shopping and had a couple of eggs and asparagus 

5. Its so warm out - I just opened the window to yell at S'mai to stop barking and I'm shocked at the temp!   

6.  Its hard to yell at a dog when you mouth is full of oil....Yup I'm still oil pulling.

7. I'm definitely going for a walk/run this morning at least get in an hour of warm weather before hell breaks loose with work.

8.  Playing match maker tonight and trying to hook up two friends.  We are going to a kick ass restaurant that has kale chips on the menu and a a ton of local foods, veggies and even gluten free mac n cheese - for mo.  Looking forward to it.

9.  Dammit - Had I known - I mean listened - to you all out here in blog world who are paleo/grain free a while ago I would have been under control a long time ago...

10.  It seriously is working - no dairy, limited carbs, nothing processed.  So simple...its shocking.  

10a.  Yesterday I stopped into a drug store - you know the MEGA kind that has everything but the kitchen sink...maybe they have those too, I didn't have time to fully explore.  It occurred to me that I was in a store that is supposed to be for health in one way or another and the place is bursting with sugar!!! I had to walk a gauntlet lined with candy, reeses PB Easter eggs - my weakness - were calling to me.  I texted Miss Laurie for help - she said no wonder its full of sugar - sugar IS a drug and I was in a drug store.  HAHA - funny but true.  I made it out of the store with two brushes and a few hair clips.... Vanessa 1 Sugar this battle... thanks Lorie!

10 b.  I think the day is coming when sugar will be treated like a drug and maybe will be locked away behind the counter like cigarettes..

11.  Going to get my hair re-glazed this morning ...its turning a horrid shade of orange barf...  

 Enjoy this day!  Its beautiful! At least here it is.


  1. You are kicking ass, chica! Loving the inspiration, thank you!

  2. I'm hoping to drag my ass behind you... I wish I was inspiring myself.

  3. Doing great!
    Yup, sugar is a drug. I've been off sugar and most carbs for about a week. The other day I made a protein shake with chocolate soy milk, not thinking about all the added sugar in the chocolate flavored milk, and the next morning I seriously felt like I was hung over! It was awful. I had that nasty taste in my mouth and everything.
    You're doing so well, I'm very proud!
    Keep up the great work!