Thursday, April 3, 2014

10 Things Thursday

1.  Daam right I went MTB yesterday afternoon.  Sunny and 55 bitches

2.  This protein veggie plan is really cravings and I'm not hungry... hmmmm

3.  Yesterday this is what I ate:
         - breakfast - detox drink with kale, ice, ginger, Cayenne, 
           turmeric,lemon  and an egg fritata 
         - Lunch  - a few bites of kale salad and roasted squash - had  
            a very hard time eating this.... no bueno
         - Dinner -  Cedar Plank cooked salmon and mixed peas and  
            carrots - YUM!
         - Snack - kale chips 

4. Work is getting better and busier.. yay :)

5. I love flipping out - its the best show ever on Bravo - JLewis is my hero

6. Oil Pulling  is definitely working for me..  My mouth feels healthier and and my teeth are def whiter - :)

7. I have a girls brunch this morning - having eggs and roasted veggies with avocado and siracha ..yum 

8.  I'd like to get in some more biking today but my sched looks sketchy....

9.  I see daffodils poking through the earth and the grass is starting to get greener.  Super smiley face about that!

10.  Have a great day!


  1. No cravings and not hungry... what is this you speak of? Strange monster.
    Oil pulling, I just might be crazy enough to get on this wagon with all of you. I need whiter teeth. It is really a must.

  2. Glad oil pulling is working!!!

    Yes, I'd like to experience the no cravings and not hungry thang once. Just once. ugh.

  3. Awesome, chica! I'm now craving some salmon.

  4. When I did the Whole 30, I had the same experience of no cravings and no real hunger. But after I went off it and started eating sugar again, it all came back. I really think it was more the sugar than any of the other stuff I reintroduced.

    Yay daffodils!