Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Last Week 187
This Week - 186.4
Loss of .6

I'm happy with this loss - although I'd rather see a whole pound - but I know how the process works and my body is evening out - and I'm building a bit of muscle with getting back mtb and riding horses again.  I believe its setting up for a bigger loss next week.  Onward with this plan that I can live with...three weeks in a row with a loss...

Happy Earth Day - a day late.  Yesterday we had our weekly work meeting in the woods mountain biking.  That sounds more progressive than it actually is- my biz partner /good friend and I decided to go MTB at a park about an hour away and work in the car on the way. Still a great day - 2 hours of riding.  
My legs still feel like lead.

Food - yesterday I had a minor set back with some crackers - I know exactly how/why it happened.  I was exhausted from the mtb ride and then Mo and I had a "discussion" - not quite an argument but my immediate reaction to confrontation is food.  Its obvious and happens 100% of the time.... I now notice it in the moment and am able to minimize the damage.  But wow - its like an automatic cause - effect.  Crazy.  Still have to work through that trigger.

Today -Is a big day at work - we have a pretty intense meeting with some potential clients.  Fingers crossed it goes really well.  
Then I've got a riding lesson after work.  Back on that horse - hoping I'm not as sore as last week....



  1. 1- 3 weeks in a row! Wahooo!
    2- There should be more "MTB" meetings.
    3- Good luck with the work meeting.
    4- I bet you aren't as sore as last week.

  2. I bet next week will be even better, can't wait to see what you keep pulling out - you're an inspiration!