Friday, April 4, 2014

When Pigs Roam Free...


View from open house

Me and my co worker hamming it up at an open house
Oink at lunch

Oink runs these streets!
Yesterday was sooo nice!  65 degrees!  Sunshine!  

We ended up seeing a bunch of open houses and then heading to Montauk for lunch.  
There is a town pig that roams free...her name is Oink.   I am totally in love.
I love pigs and know they are just as smart as dogs if not smarter (thats why i think its gross to eat them!!!)
Oink wanders into town every day from her house about a half mile away and hangs out in the garden of the local health food store.
We had lunch at the picnic table with Oink...
Now I really want my own farm with pigs and fainting goats!  
PS - lunch was salad and hummus - still on plan!


  1. I love Oink! Why doesn't my town have a pet pig?

  2. Yay for staying on plan! You are doing great!

    Oink is very cute. I had a neighbor's pigs wander into my yard in AK a few years back, and they were cute, but very destructive, uprooting everything with their noses. Fortunately my yard there is just woods, no treasured plantings.

  3. That is so cool! I love salad with hummus. My new favorite!