Friday, April 25, 2014

Ten Things Friday

1. Riding was awesome - I'm not half as sore this week
2. Stress is a constant these days with work but I'm managing it better than before

3. Food - Still Rockin that protein train - Binge free for a long time and sober from candy for even longer...

4.  Client dinner last night - I had the salmon - 1 glass of champagne and NO dessert... i did have piece of bread.. not hating on it..

5. Yesterday I went out MTB bright and early - and was done by 9 - it felt awesome - I rode some trails that I hadn't been on in over a year - its good for my brain to be challenged with new trails

6.  I love my  Mo - he is so good to me.

7.  I love my puppies 

8.   I plan on some MTB after work today 

9.  I still want to move to somewhere that I can have an avocado tree in my back yard...Ojai CA is still looking good. 

10.  Have a great DAY!


  1. Is that Archie standing in your friends barn? It looks beautiful! I have always wanted a barn.... sadly we are a little more "country" around here!

  2. yay riding is fun, havent done it in wow 2 decades