Sunday, May 25, 2014


Oh hi there....
I've been busy.  Busy working, busy mountain biking, busy riding horses, busy rowing - rowing is fun....

So whats new?

I also got a new mirror.  Its awesome...its a big mirror...I can see my whole body in it...and it happens to be a "skinny mirror".  LIFE CHANGER.

At first I was pissed.  How could this be?  How could I look so good?  I wanted my old mirror back so I can beat myself up in the morning and pick apart my body.  Then I realized something.  I feel good.  This mirror makes me happy.  And dammit, if I leave the house each day feeling good and happy then whats wrong with that?  Nothing. Nothing at all.

 Something magical has happened with this mirror.  now when I catch myself in other mirrors, at the store, work or in a window....wouldn't you know, I see the same reflection as the skinny mirror...its contagious....   

I know its skinny mirror because Mo looks totally distorted in it, but hell - if something makes me feel good about myself, and makes the rest of my day happy...why not embrace it.  

Food - I've added cocktails back in to my diet...its summertime, I knew that would happen. But food has been ok - I've gained two pounds.. 188 at last check..

Here are some pics of the adventures I've had lately...

We took our Mountain Bikes to NYC and rode all over downtown...BEST. DAY. EVER!!!!

 German Beer Garden in MTK - no I didn't finish it...

Lunch in MTK

Riding adventures - swimming the horses in the bay..

 Sunsets at the bay
More MTB in MTK..w/my bike boyfriend...
My friend is a farmer an is now making this goodness....EPIC stuff!


  1. Cocktails were made for summer! You look like you're having a blast!

  2. Where did you get your skinny mirror? I think I need one :)

    Life looks good on you!

  3. Hi - First of all. I got all nostalgic today when I was typing something in a text and I typo'd the word "some" i started with Sm and the autocorrect tried to help me up by correcting to S'Mai. Really? Why the F haven't I been keeping in touch with V was my very first thought. Oh...and second. Love you. That is all. <3

  4. Ummmm, can i have two of all the cocktails please! Even the big German beer. Please? Please? Please? Looks like fun!!! Great start to the summer!

  5. Cat if you see this...will you email me? I don't think you blog anymore but am scheduled for my abdominal skin removal and I thought you had this done as well. Would love some perspective from someone who has been through this. Thanks!