Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fart Free Chili - its da bomb

By Popular Demand - here is the recipe:

Once you print this out - make a note to add 1 can of medium olives, a can of corn both drained and when you add the chili powder and cumin add about a tablespoon or more of mesquite seasoning - to your taste -
Its an epic dish loved by many many meat eaters.
It makes a ton of food - I give a bunch away and freeze some also.
Sometimes I even make vegan cornbread to go with it....also super yummy!   
The reason it is fart free  ***** rinse all beans first and then they cook for over 8 hours - NO GAS!

In other news - there is a storm heading my way....oy.  I think I can still get to NJ for my race tomorrow...planning on it unless I hear differently.  We rode our beloved trails yesterday - the foliage is perfect and it is warm and calm....but I know after this week they will be shut down and we will be spending a lot of time with chain saws clearing instead of riding....such is life.
I'm making slow cooker chick pea curry and some other things to hold us over but I think the east end of long island will be out of the main path...
In weight loss news - my clothes are tight.  Fooey.

Did you know that dr. ruth makes wine???

Last light of fall

Trail Blaze and fungi

Bike Porn..last ride on the trails

Ed in the Wild...


  1. Stunning pictures as always!
    Definitely going to give that chili a try too. xx

  2. Dr. Ruth and wine? Makes total know, to set the mood:)

  3. Hell I thought it said FAT free.....

    And as always, you have great pictures.