Saturday, October 13, 2012

Psychic Powers

Anyone Remember Miss Cleo?

I'm pretty sure I'm psychic now.   The other night (last month - 9/26)  I had a very vivid dream about a friend of mine selling her house to a millionaire down the street.  I even told her about the dream.  Guess what - it happened - out of the blue a neighbor down the street from her who has a 12M dollar property approached them with a cash offer.  They agreed to sell.
Damn - Its freaking scary.

Now if I could just manifest will power to walk away from the pumpkin spice latte and chocolate snacks at sbux.

Tomorrow is race day - can't wait - I love racing for sweatshirts!

Yesterday was a shitty day - I feel like I suck at what I do and that I don't have the balls to go after what I want, because I'm too worried about being seen as a bitch or "aggressive".  Since when I have worried about being Emily Post??   I feel like a failure and that maybe I should have stayed at the job I hated for a steady paycheck.  I was so low at the end of the day the tears were rolling...In the past I probably would have sat on the couch all evening and ate anything with melted cheese on it and candy. 
Instead - I got on my muther effin bike, put on some tunes (Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park) and when mountain biking until I just about passed out.  Its hard to feel shitty about yourself when you are sweaty and exhausted from exercise. 

I'm still a little freaked out by my dream but maybe I could start dreaming about money and then that would come true...

Mo is taking me to Newport this week for a getaway.  Yay! I've been feeling trapped on this Island for way too long - and we get to take a Ferry - not sure why this is so exciting but it is.  - I need to get out more...

Oh -and  Blobfish  .....


  1. *heart u*
    So weird about your dream. I'm an avid dreamer. Wish some would come true...VERY glad the rest don't. Haha.

  2. I am a little weirded out by blobfish, not gonna lie.

  3. Do you take dream requests?!?

    Glad that your bad day was turned around by a nice ride - way to go!

    And um, yeah, blobfish is icky.

  4. Drink a "skinny" pumpkin latte and press on...tomorrow is a new day =)

  5. I have a dream request or twelve! Pumpkin... hey, it has gotta be good for you!

  6. Im with Chicago Rose... Drink that skinny pumpkin spice latte and kick some butt at your race and at work and throw some extra into your dreams for good measure... oh and maybe you can have a pretty dream for the PB'ing blobfish too.. ;P

  7. I seriously doubt you are a failure at anything you put your head to.
    Real Estate is hard. And it takes time. Giv eyourself a break.

  8. That is crazy!!!!! Dreams I sometimes feel a deja vu with them like I remember it happening before...and pumpkin lattes are such a fall thing for me...I miss them

  9. Pumpkin spice at Starbucks is the devil!!! I let myself get it once a week in black coffee...... I like how you handles your shitty day with the ride.

  10. oh ya and I also want a dream request :) Thanks!

  11. weird. about the dream. I want a dream request as well. haha. something along the lines of us getting matched... and a baby being due SOON. ;)