Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Sandy

Godspeed.  - I have always wanted to type a serious actressey kind of way.

The power is still on and I think them major problem here will be coastal flooding.  Storms make me hungry - why did I think it was ok to eat a wedge of brie and a sleeve of ritz crackers? 
I did not race yesterday... I was a total p#$@y.  It looked like it would be rainy in NJ and windy and I felt bad having Mo drive me there.  Turns out my friend raced as me and came in #2 over all!  Dang!  yay!  
My friend just texted me from NYC - even Starbucks is closed.  This is serious.  

Everyone in the path of Sandy - stay safe - I'm already bored so will be heading out for a run.... 
The Ocean yesterday

Local Supermarket yesterday morning

The bread aisle - last night

 We are Ready - below is my emergency kit.


  1. Stay safe - and I have to admit, having a friend run the race as you is pure genius :)

    Why is it always the bread that runs out? Eh, as long as folks leave the triscuits for me, they can have the bread!

  2. That is an awesome emergency kit. I think you will survive.

  3. Love the emergency kit!!! Stay Safe

  4. Stay safe lovely, will be thinking of you x

  5. Glad to see your all set :o) stay safe and I hope it is over soon!

  6. Worried about you- is everything okay in your area?

  7. haha. Love your emergency kit. ;)

  8. fab job on the emergency kit...stay safe!