Monday, October 22, 2012

Good morning Autumn!

Its dark out - but I cant wait to put on my shoes and run - the trees are putting on a beautiful show here this week!  

We've got an extra dog with us this week.  My neighbor and friend had a bad bike accident and is recovering from surgery so we've got her dogThank god she broke no bones and is just banged up...that being said I saw her last night and wow is she banged up - but nothing that won't heal quickly.  Thanks for your good vibes yesterday.
The extra dog is a terrier mix - very sweet but a bit different in energy level than my hound we have been doing two a days at the beach to get this girl tired!

Yesterday was an epic mountain bike ride - 17.5 miles - we rode and rode and rode though the woods - me n Jeanine - it was so cathartic for me.   I was wiped out after - even took a nap - gasp!
You would think I would have fallen right asleep after that - but last night I went to bed at 9 and didn't sleep until after 2am...urgh.  Not sure what is going on because I pride myself on being able to get 9/10 hours of sleep on average. 

Fun fact - when I buy some type of snack that I shouldn't eat and then proceed to drive and chow down ... I've taken to eating only a few bites/pieces and then thowing the remainder out of my car window (not the packaging of course) wasteful but definately saving my ASS!

So today 10/22/12 - here's the plan...
Trail Run - 5K
Look back over last year and see what the hell I was eating when I was loosing - its like I forgot what to eat....
Protein Shake for Breakfast
Veggie Chili for Lunch



  1. With all of your exercise (so impressive), I wonder if you aren't taking in enough healthy calories and that is why it is so hard for you to resist the sweet stuff (I know I crave carbs when I am truly hungry like crazy, like uncontrollably). Just wondering. Seriously, your activity levels are so awesome!

  2. That is an epic bike ride! Even In the dark, my morning runs are so peaceful and "my time". I love them! As for running in the snow...I don't know how that will play out because this is my first winter running. Our run club runs no matter the weather so I guess I'll just follow whatever everyone else is doing. The trail shoes I just bought are built like snow tires. That could help!

  3. Litterer!! lol. Jk. I have a terrier mix and she is HIGH energy also. Good luck with the extra dog in the house. Sweet of you to watch her for your friend. Hope your friend heals quickly.

  4. I know you get tired of me saying it, but you are definitely an inspiration with living an active lifestyle!


  5. Always a good idea to look back at successful times and see how and what you were eating. A great trick and such a reason why I am so glad to be Dinnerland once again. I missed 'me' in this blog incarnation... and I am back just when I needed it most!
    Keep up your awesome biking and running, I agree: you are inspiration central!