Monday, October 15, 2012

Race Wrap up and Photos

Yesterday was the long awaited Serpents Back Race.  2.5 mile trail run 12 mile mtb then another 2.5 mile trail run.
My original plan was to do the whole race solo but due to lack of training on the run, my friend Rikki offered to run for me.  We made a great team ~ Third duo over all and first women's duo!  Woohooo! 
The bike was awesome - Prior to losing the weight I did it the course in 2 hours - two years ago.
Last year I did it in approx 1:10
This year 1:08 - I weigh about the same...
Very interesting.
I passed about 6 dudes on the course - which is awesome - like Christmas!  I was only passed by 1 guy who I know - and he is an amazing athelte! 
So here are some photos from a great da.
Two weeks to Mountain Man in NJ!

Saw this at an open house and I want it!

Transition area

Pre Race meeting

Mass Start - run section

ITs Fall in NY -lets hope the yankees can pull their shit together!

My Awesome Bike!



  1. even though we're in the west, my son is also hoping the Yankees can pull their shit together too. And I so would hang that picture up in my house, it's great. Congrats on the race.

  2. Woot! Congrats on the race - way to go! What a great feeling, to be passing the guys :)

    I'll root for your Yankees due to the lack of a home team to cheer for. I live in Pittsburgh, where we haven't had a winning baseball team since before my college-freshman daughter was BORN!!

  3. One thing for sure, whenever I see your blog, I'm inspired by your dedication to exercise program.(bike riding)

    I love that second picture. Really cute!


  4. congrats on the awesome finish!!! You are a rockstar.