Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Hole Ten Things Thursday

1 ~ ooops - Mo and I were planning on going to Newport - instead we went MTB in CT....

2 ~ Ooops we go bored Mo is all - "wanna go to Kingdom Trails" 

3 ~ I'm all - "Mo, that's 4.5 hours away from where we are ..... but hells yes!" 

4  ~ Recalculating..... off to East Burke Vermont!  - um yah  ... pretty close to Canada - Hi JRD!

5 ~ I love random adventures 

6 ~ Taco Bell doesn't go down in the morning ...I often wonder why I'm not rollin in the short bus ..when will I learn this shit!

7 ~ Stopped in at a random gas station on the way north and there is the blonde at the counter looking like a hot mess with ratty hair and wearing a black velvet sweat suit ....I'm all Holy shit - its Courtney was!   I wanted to get her picture, but totally wussed out - she was all kinds of sloppy....but it was totally her!!!! 

8 ~ Vermont is awesome!  We went to East Burke, the home of Kingdom Trails - one of the largest and best places to mtb.  We were a bit unprepared for the weather - hello 30 degrees in the morning but it still rocked!

9 ~ Mo will bring a geared bike next time - single speed no es bueno on the mountain

10 ~ I want to live there - its so laid back and awesome - the whole town is centered around mtb in the summer and skiing in the winter... I'm sad to be home - back into the stress again...
Here are some photos from our field trip!

Our B&B has a bike cleaning area ! Love!

Ye Ole Bike shoppe!

Single Speed Pain on the climb up to the trials

Bike shop mascot in ye ole bike shoppe

Whately Diner - My ole college stomping!

Mo at the chapel - praying for more lungs and extra gears!

The Chapel - If we had one of these by us I would def bike to church - beautiful stone chapel built in 2006


  1. what beautiful pics..I wanna go now!

  2. Such great pictures!I look forward to biking with my partner soon

  3. I always love your pictures!!! Super jealous - so beautiful!!!

  4. I LOVE the pictures and the whole trip. Courtney Love? Really? Awesome!