Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday ~ Races

Fall Rules!  

I have a race on Sunday - the Serpents Back race.  I was originally going to do the whole race, but have decided to have my friend run for me and do it as a team.  Should be a ton of fun - I rode the loop yesterday and am psyched for race day - we are going to run that part of the course on Thursday morning.  Last year I had a blast and may use my same pre-race program to prepare - I drank two bottles of wine the night before and was half in the bag that worked. 

There are three more races after this one - I can't wait.  I've not been on the scale...I'm feeling really good about myself, my riding and life...I'm skerred that getting on the scale will crush my soul if the number doesn't reflect what I think it should....fooey!

This week I'm finally going to make it to a support group meeting - Its been a while since I went - I'll be going with the woman who inspired me to have the lap band - should be a blast, we'll be shopping also.. 

I love fall - I love the colors, the peace and the cool air.  I do not love the sends of a signal to start drinking red wine....not the best trigger.

Its raining and cold here today...I keep thinking about taking a yoga class...

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  1. I LOVE fall. Enjoy the cool darkness for me. And a bit of wine. ;)