Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Thanks Laura for my fav day of the whole week!

1.  The new web launch for work was good - the only side effect is now all of my co workers  want to friend me on the facebook and all day long I overhear them talking to themselves about uploading photos to facebook and wondering out loud how to twitter.  The average age of my office is 75...not your average facebook demographic.

2.  Its been 4 days since my last work out....I feel like ass and am going for a run this morning....either I end up less broke and more fat or sacrifice a bit of sleep and work to get my ass in motion.

3. Saturday is our 10 year anniversary.  I don't want to say this too loud but it looks like I may have the day off and we may be able to  do something fun and have a day together!  shhhh don't jinx it!
10 years!  I can can honestly say that life is much better now than it was 10 years ago!

4.  The debate....urgh....unfortunately who ever gets elected is just a puppet to their party - its just frustrating.....I'm tired of nothing getting done in government and the same ole same ole

5. I really want to speak to a medium or psychic...

6.  Thanks for all the comments on my cute kids... they really are awesome.

7.  Gosh...I have nothing to say.... 

8.  Its nice having some  clothes that I can throw on and run out to work feeling good and looking good - thank you lap band

9.  I drove through paint on the road...not your regular white or tan but someone dropped a bucket of mauve on the road and this girl didn't see it.  Totally Jackson Pollacked my Subaru...Mauve! Really!

10.  Went to a house yesterday that is brand new and probably cost 6 million to its worth 15 million.  The people that live there only use it on the weekend ... it was a mess.  Made me feel better about my house keeping skills - there was even 4 day old dog pooh on a two thousand dollar zebra skin rug  and a puddle of dried pee in the dining room on the new custom floor...
Money can't buy you class.... 

10a.  Have a great day!


  1. Jackson Pollocked . . .lol! Happy Anniversary!! Hopefully the sun makes an appearance for your special weekend.

  2. I watch Hoarders, which inspires me to clean. If I were home after reading about the zebra skin rug folks, I would probably run off to clean now as well. Inspiration from all corners. :) Also, Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Who drops paint on the road????

    Honestly, if you can afford a 15 million dollar weekend house, you can afford a maid to clean up dog poop. Just sayin'

    Happy 10th anniversary. I hope your day is fabulous.

  4. I really want to go to a medium too. Weird you posted that. Been on my mind this week.

  5. I'm sorry about your car! Must get the gossip on this house. Anyone I've heard of? LOL

  6. I used to see a psychic about 19 years ago. I remember how long ago it was because I was pregnany when I first started seeing her. She was so dead on about so many things that it was scary. Sadly, she died about 10 years ago and I haven't been to one since.

  7. Money doesn't buy class, isn't that the truth?
    Less broke and more fat= me! I gotta do something.
    Sadly, I think it is less sleep.

  8. I am medium sized...does that count? If so, feel free to talk to me. I won't charge:)