Friday, October 19, 2012

Freaky Friday

If anyone wants some good advice check out this you tube video
kacykwinn talks about tossing the scale and using clothing and feel as a barometer.  
Very Bold.

Its Friday - here is my plan confession and ramble ~
I haven't been on the scale in over a week or two - my clothes are tight, and I ate like shit last week. 
As you all know exercise is not a problem for me but I have been blowing off strength training and only doing what I love - biking and hardly any running.   

Yesterday was a good one - I had two protein shakes, 1/4 of a bean and rice quesadilla, two amy's dinners - no rice, half of a small bag of rosemary chips and two tbs of peanut butter - 
Calling it a win as I turned my back on ice cream and really held strong through the sugar cravings (did I mention on Saturday I had a full on Chocolate Binge? - I did - two bags of haloween candy. Balls)  
Yesterday I went for a mtb spin with mo and a friend after work - it was a relaxed ride and so nice out.

I've realized that being in shape makes going on vacation so much more fun - being able to ride in Vermont - hello mountains- and not sucking wind too bad was great.

Whats my plan for today?
#1 - Lean on my accountability partners - that you Ronnie and You Lorie!          
#2  - Go for a trail run and do some sit ups 
#3  - Smoothie for breakfast, beans and rice for lunch, steamed veggie for lunch, and dinner....maybe some veggie chilli? 
#4 - Drink lots of water - 100oz
#5 - Tea when I'm craving sweets - 
Note to self - even though you feel like you may die if you don't get sugar you will will be fine and feel better for having said no.




  1. I dream about 2 bags of halloween candy! Great job getting back on track!

  2. sounds like a great plan...have an awesome weekend!

  3. I thought I was the only one that thought I would die without candy.... alas it is not true.

  4. I want to know how on earth you can eat rice?! I can't tolerate ONE grain. It comes up every time. *Sigh*, I used to love rice.

  5. I love my scale. She keeps me accountable. i could never toss her. Maybe if I was in a tight 6 and could feel the slightest gain. But I could fluctuate 10 pounds probably before even noticing it. Scary.

  6. A least you have a plan that you can work on :p and its a good one to :o)