Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ten Things Thursday Hooray!

First off - thanks Laura for this - you rock!

1.  Went our for a nite MTB on the single speed - felt awesome

2.  Race day is Sunday - weather will be in the 70s - should be perfect

3. Support group meeting tonight - I haven't been to one in over a year - I get most of my support from you guys here in blog world.

4. I'm thinking about joining the first all women's competitive bike racing team on Long requires quite a bit of commitment on the weekends, not sure I can do that but I really want to be part of a team and race with the girls....Live Love Velo.

5.  Its cold as balls here - well not really - its like in the 40s and the dogs want me to take them to the beach...time to fish out my gloves and hats

6.  After support group tonight my friends are hosting a party for the VP debate - I can't say I'm all that into politics but I never say no to a party - both parties will be represented at the shindig - I hope it doesn't come to throw downs...ha

7. Lance Armstrong.....urgh.  Doping...urgh.  such a bummer

8.  Dopers Suck

9.  I need a kick in arse with the food this week - for some reason Brie and red wine have found their way back into my diet along with their friend tortilla chips...I will combat this with a home made batch of slow cooker vegan chili.

10.  Next week mo and I are taking a road trip.  Not sure where yet but thinking about Maine. I want to see some New England Fall stuff.


  1. Most of northern New England is past peak . . .SW NH is beautiful, and you have Mt. Monadnock for hiking. Maybe the Whites are still in peak . . .not sure. Regardless, have a blast!

  2. It has been in the 40's here at night too. I even had to turn my heat on in the house...which I hate to do! I don;t go to the support groups at my place because I am always the ONLY one there banded. Everyone else is bypass.

  3. I love this idea...I'm going to steal it!!