Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Photo Recap ~

10 Years ago

What a great day!  Mo and I celebrated in style ~ 
Slept in to 8!!
Walked dogs on the beach
Went to Sag Harbor for Breakfast
Cleaned our bikes
Went to Montauk for an Epic ride
Late lunch at Natrually Good - yum
Too tired to go out to dinner so we had take in, watched movies and drank a fancy bottle of wine we bought in California last spring -
A pretty perfect day.   
10 years ago I never would have thought that our anniversary would revolve around mountain biking and not food ~ life is awesome!

Mo at the top of Lost Boulder

The view from the overlook ~ ocean and bay

Breakfast on the docks

Mo on Coastal Trail

Morning Walk ~

Mo and Ed

We are now that couple that wears the same shirt by accident....oy

This is the exact spot we got married



  1. Aww... happy anniversary, my friend! :D

  2. Happy anniversary ... It's mine too, 12 years

  3. Happy anniversary. This November 2nd is my 10th as well:)

  4. Can I go on the next anniversary with you!

    Looks like a fabulous time. Happy Anniversary!


  5. Congrats! You two are absolutely adorable, and an inspiration to us all.
    What a great way to celebrate!

  6. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a perfect day!

  7. sooooo sweet! Happy Anniversary! The next 10 years will be even better :)

  8. Sounds like a PERFECT 10 year anni day! So sweet!

  9. Awesome pics!!! You guys are too cute :)

  10. Happy anniversay!! So happy that your trp didn't revolve around food. Epic change. :)