Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten Things Thursday ~ yuppers!

Thanks Laura Belle~ you Rock!

1.  Yesterday was a good day.  Food-wise a win!  Thanks to Miss Lorie for the support! 

2.  I got in my 5k trail run at the end of the day - took 1:30 off my last run ...didnt realize I was going that fast.  I even did some situps and squats too.  I feel great.

3. The weather for looking good...hurricane?  What the flip!  Dangit!  What is it with the last weekend in October?  Last year we had a freak snow storm.  urgh!

4Making my famous fart free slow cooker vegan mesquite chilli - so yummy!

5.  Today I pick up my geared bike from the shop - I had aggressive tires put on for the race.  

6.  I found a house in Vermont on 21 acres that is totally off the grid - on top of a hill with huge mountain views and is brand new.....I want to be there!  only 230K - I showed it to Mo ....he's not jumping on the hippy wagon as quickly as I am.

7.  Today - Mountain Biking after work - I'm psyched!

8.  I'll not make it to 10 ~ have to get cooking!



  1. I agree, fart free recipe would be a great post! Also, house sounds delish!

  2. me too...I want fart free chili!

  3. When you move to Vermont I'm coming to visit. I've always wanted to go there. Hell I might build a house on your land. LOL

  4. I had to read the phrase "fart free" a few times before I realized it wasn't a typo!

    And I'm thinking Vermont might be a great place for a BOOB Commune...

  5. OOooh Vermont sounds fantastic! Love that you shaved some time off that run. *heart u warrior*

  6. I live with all boys...I don't think any recipe would make this household fart free :)

  7. I had to read the fart free line again :o) sounds like an interesting one :p

  8. I now have an image of "aggressive tires" in my head...I don't think I will casually walk by a bike again! ;-)