Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Waiting for the sun to come up...

That - I cant sleep, life is stressing me out and my belly hurts because of the stress - feeling.

I woke up at 4am this morning.  Fooey.  The first thought that popped into my head as I was tossing and turning was:  I need to get on my bike...I will feel better once I beat the shit out of myself for a few hours on the road.

So I'm up just waiting for the sun to come up and watching country music videos...a new habit of mine...was never really a fan of the country music but now am slightly digging it.  

I'm scared to get on the scale...I don't feel huge..but I've been living on shit food, so there's that.

My biz partner got me the best gift ever - a frikkin VITAMIX!  seriously!  I am in blender heaven!

Thanks for the love of my dress from the post yesterday...Banana Rep. maxi dress + spanx makes for a nice look.  

Cat had a great post about letting go - I'm going to put all my drama on an island and move on.


  1. I find myself liking country music a bit these days too. I blame Robyn. :) Yes, you are beautiful everyday, but the maxi dress was just so casual chic. Lovely! Funny, before I even read this, I replied to you that you need to get on your bike. It will get everything back in perspective for you. I nearly didn't get up to run today but here it is 6:15 am and I'm up and ready to hit the road. /heart u Warrior!

  2. It is so hard when you're in a mode of eating crap to get off the crap. But I'll encourage you as I am myself today: JUST DO IT.
    The more sugar, salt and fat I eat in the way of processed foods-- the worse it gets.
    I am really tempted to get that book: "Salt sugar fat" but I am actually a bit afraid of what I'm going to I write this, I realize I really should read it, though.
    Good luck and don't 'beat yourself up'-- have a great ride, be sensibly intense, if you can do that- you don't deserve a beating!!

  3. I hate feeling stressed and anxious. I loved the maxi dress, and you looked awesome in it! I say face the scale. May help relieve some of the stress and even if the number is not nice, you know what you have to do.

  4. I love Cat's post! Good call on the bike ride!