Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday ~

These prompts for blogging every day have gotten a bit boring so I'll tell you whats been going on with me:

I'm currently stuck on a piece of egg...bummer - I couldn't decide between eggs or a kale shake....booo made the wrong choice. 
Weight has been in the high 160s...not thrilled but I do what I do.
Last night we had the fireworks in harbor right around the corner from our house - I love the sounds of summer - sitting in the dunes, drinking lemonchello and hanging with friends...pretty perfect.

I've been on the bike 3 days in a row - 2  days on the road and yesterday in the was hot as balls but I got it done and had fun doing it.

Mo has been working out with the trainer..he is getting really buff....swoon.

The week ahead is my birthday week ~ Here are the events and activities:

Monday ~ Early morning road ride and then work
Tuesday ~ Half day work and get ready for huge 80s party - last minute shopping
Wednesday ~ 1-9 and beyond - epic 80s party - we have kegs, cooks on the grill, a DJ and ping pong and much more fun and games...I can't wait! 
Thursday ~ Beach day
Friday ~ work
Saturday ~ Work
Sunday ~ My Actual Birthday ~Early morning 70 mile road ride out to the Montauk Lighthouse and back. Then going to Shelter Island for drinks on the water and dinner at an Amazing Restaurant - vine street cafe....yummm

Here is our crazy invite ~ Feel free to stop by.



  1. I completely agree that the prompts have gotten a bit boring! I think I'll do the same today!

    The fireworks on the harbor sound like heaven!

  2. Your week sounds awesome!
    Happy early birthday to you!