Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blogging Every Day: Day 3 - Things that make you uncomfortable.

Laura Belle has Brought us this Blog a Day - today's topic is things that make you uncomfortable.

I'm gonna do this list style:

1.  People kissing - freaks me out and I want to run away.  I have to skip over scenes on TV because it freaks me out so bad..particularly the noise of it.. I have a strange noise disorder called misophonia - that's a whole other post

2. People breast feeding in front of me...calm down ladies...just speaking my truth.  It really makes me uncomfortable when the kid is like 2 or older.  

3.  Humid air

4.  Not having control over a situation

5. Not being able to leave a situation at will - see #4

6.  Talking about sex with my husband - truth

7.  Being around people smarter than me

8.  That moment when you think you recognize someone and then go over to them and say hi, make small talk only to realize its not who you thought it was and is actually a total stranger...yeah...that happened

9.  When you know you have to confront someone - I hate that feeling of impending doom

10.  Wakes.  and Funerals.  - I get really uncomfortable and start making inappropriate jokes....yeah.. I'm that asshole

There is much more but this is the top ten.


  1. You would never be comfortable in is very humid here :) There are certain sounds that really irritate me...not so much kissing, but the sound of someone eating ice drives me insane.

  2. #2...or 4-years-old. No lie, saw it at an Early Years Center. The kid just came up to the mother and asked for her boob. And she complied!

  3. Interesting. I am doing my daily posting in July-- but not these topics. I am enjoying reading your posts though!
    All of our little 'peculiarities' make up who we are as individuals. In my 30s and now 40's, I've realized this and embraced it!

  4. OMG - seriously. Confrontation. I'd rather sew my head to the carpet and dump ants in my ears. Jesus.