Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wednesday Weigh in and Day 10 Blogging Every Day

Up At 4:45 to go biking...I'm dragging my ass this morning but dammit - I took off two days after my epic ride on Sunday - so its a must do ~ ** rode 22 miles in the rain...mildly fun and did intervals.**

Weighed in at 170.2  boooooooo.

Run to the Finish is doing a Sugar Detox - check it out here .  It is a drug dammit and I need to get off it too - so here we go again - detox for me too.   

Day 10:  Most Embarrassing Moment. Spill.

Hmmmm - there are so many to choose from.  I'm sure I embarrass myself weekly/daily but don't pay much attention.  
The one that stands out in my mind most was from 1991.  I was 14, fat and insecure. Step Aerobics was all the rage and I had found a small studio in town (this was long before big gyms - at least where I lived).  I was doing step 5-6 days a week and had found a group of older women (they were probably in their 20s and 30s - but to me they seemed old) who were supportive and fun and it was like a little club - we had our leader and all cheered each other on.  I weighed about 180 and if you remember the attire was rebok pump sneakers and body suits (some thong versions - eeew) over stretch pants.  Not flattering at all!
One night as we were pushing hard to some Marky Marky Mark and the FunkyBunch or some other fantastic fist pumping jam, I looked out the huge street level window of the studio and saw a crowd -it was all the "cool" kids with my friends all watching and laughing at me. 
I was shattered... 
I remember going home that night and just sobbing for hours...
My dad told me - that one day none of it will matter. 

I went back to step and worked out with my posse of floral and Lycra clad ladies for another 2 years until a big gym moved into down and shut down the original "box" of bad ass.

It mattered for a long time....but now I look back and am all like - wow I was a bad ass at 14 years old - And damn for someone who has struggled with weight FOREVER - I work out a lot and for many many many years....perhaps its more about the toxic shit I put in my mouth.  Sugar is a drug and once again I must treat it that way.


  1. Sugar is a drug and you are seriously a workout warrior! Keep kicking ass!

  2. I have to agree that 14 yr old you was a bad ass Warrior too. /hearts
    However as a fat kid myself, I totally get the heartbreak of the cool kids laughing at you. : ( I'm so sorry that happened to 14 yr old you. I dislike kids. /nod

  3. Thanks for sharing the sugar detox link. I am going to check it out. I remember my younger years being miserable. Kids are the worst. So mean. And they were such bullies! Your dad is a smart man. You are a rock star!