Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blogging Every Day ~ Day 14

Ten things that make you really happy:

1. Mo
2. My Dogs
3. Riding bikes
4. Walking on the beach
5. Sunsets
6. Fireworks
7. Vacations
8. Rainbows
9. Rainbow Sprinkles
10. Wearing a size 8 - note to self this makes me happier than food!
 I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post - a day in the life - in photos. :)
I leave you with an excerpt from my day yesterday -


  1. I love your happy list V! I am totally looking forward to your post tomorrow!

  2. We have a similar list!! I love that Mo is at the top of your list. G is at the top of mine.

    I've already got the list of pics for tomorrow ready to go. I probably won't be posting until evening unfortunately though to get all the pictures.