Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blogging Every Day in July ~ Sell yourself in 10 Words

Yesterday - recap -
Kicking sugar - I had 1 slip up with a peanut butter chocolate square and then fell into a margarita, and then a watermelon margarita...and a small shot of strawberry does that happen?  Its summertime and I was sucked into doing as the tourists do.... fooey.
Today I shall pick myself up again and charge forth to my goal of 145....the last 25 pounds are my bitch.
Lets recap because I seem to have forgotten how to do this...
How does one lose weight? -
1. Track what I eat
2. Work out daily
3. Drink 100 ounces of Water daily
4. Protein Protein Protein
5. No alcohol 
6. Limit carbs
7. Whoa on the salty snacks

Seems easy right?

Sell yourself in 10 words: 
I shall copy Cat and make a list
1. Loyal
2. Funny
3. Dreamer
4. Exaggerator 
5. Athelete 
6. Compassionate
7. Pretty
8. Over the Top
9. Smart Ass
10. Awesome

Love this dress but am on the edge of dressing like mrs roper...  
Hiding out on my bike ride waiting for the rain to pass

This happened - couldn't taste any vodka...ooopsie


  1. Love your list. One correction though. I think you maybe should have put Warrior in place of athlete! /grin

    Love the pictures. Incredibly J that you live in such a scenic area.

  2. Those drinks sound sooooo good though!

  3. I completely agree on your list of how to lose the weight! I am right there trying to work it.

    #4 on your sell yourself list is hilarious to me. Love it and the other answers as well.