Monday, July 1, 2013

Holy Crap its July and Raspberry Ketones...

Has anyone heard of Raspberry Ketones?  They are supposed to naturally shrink fat cells and calm cravings.
Two of my friends are taking them and say they are amazing.. I just started taking them and have noticed a slight difference...I bet there would be more of a difference if I didn't eat frozen yogurt for breakfast and dinner yesterday...but I digress.
This is what Dr Oz has to say about them...seems legit...
I'll keep reporting in on them and let you know if they are actually doing anything.

The bummer about road riding is that if the road is wet its dangerous, if there are too many cars its dangerous, if its raining its dangerous...hell, its a dangerous sport...I'm missing my dirt and woods.  This morning its too wet to I'll probably run instead...booo.

So here's the thing....about six weeks until I get to meet up with THE Robyn and THE Cat...
I'm feeling like some kind of six week intense regimen needs to happen..but every, challenge/non challenge that I have done over the past year has resulted in a 7 pound gain...each time..boooooo.
What tha ballls??? this is what I propose...not to gain any more weight between now and then.  Just focus on getting my bike on and eating fresh...getting off the sugar...
My sugar addiction is similar to Robyn's soda addiction and if she can crush it and drop major lbs after two years of being banded...then dammit, I can get a two year out infusion of mojo and weight loss too! 

Its 6am now, a long way from bedtime...there will be decisions between now and then...many temptations.  I'm armed with good intentions and raspberry keytones.

Here's to the battle!


  1. You are a warrior because you keep going to battle. We aren't on the bench!
    Robyn has been CrAZY AWESomE! Such an inspiration.

  2. The raspberry ketones look promising, ill be watching for your opinions, enjoy!

  3. Where did you get the Raspberry Ketones?? I think I need to get some of that :)

  4. WAIT - you're going to meet Robyn and Cat?? WHERE?? WHEN??

  5. Girlfriend- You got a TON more MOJO than I do. Can NOT wait.

  6. I've had the ketones 2x. Granted, I have not kept up with the regimen but I don't remember seeing much difference. Then again, it depends on the formula/brand, I'm sure. I hope they help you!

    Good luck with your new goals!

  7. Holy crap it's July indeed! Where has the time gone? I'd love to crash your meeting with Robyn and Cat...just say'in:)

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