Thursday, August 1, 2013


1. Next week I'll be hanging with Cat and Robyn!  Can. Not. WAIT!  I soo need a break here and am dying to see these awesome women!

2. Today is a rough day for wise its just going to be silly busy and emotion-wise its not gonna be pretty.

3.  Vitamix lives up to everything I heard...its the best.

4.  My bike ride rocked yesterday...totally cleared my head

5.  I have this deal that is taking forever to close and yesterday we found black widow spiders at the there is that.  I just want it to be over so bad that I am paying to have the house sprayed and I don't even represent the seller....urgh!

6.  Sammy dog is on a hunger strike - DIVA only wants cheese in her bowl.

7.  I have two friends that have been trying very hard to get knocked up and lately when I see them she is drinking water all the fingers are crossed for them and I keep sending out prayers for them...I think its too early for them to say anything but I'm hoping.

8.  I have followed Cat's advice and put the annoying people on an island.  I feel ok about it.

9.  DAMMIT - the heat wave is over and my effing lawn has to be mowed AGAIN!  I was on a 3 week streak of no growth!

10.  Off to take the dogs to the beach!  Have a great thursday!


  1. #10 is my favorite! and my dog will do the same thing....and we buy her really good IAMs ocean fish dog food....of course if I was offered cheese, I'd probably take that over dog food too :D

  2. #1 - Boss. That is all.
    #2 & #5 - You're in my thoughts Warrior. Keep the mantra, "This too will pass."
    #4 - I knew it would be good for you. /hugs
    #6 - <3 Sammy. Honey Badger. Love
    #8 - I am having the problem that I WANT to be on the island...not put people I am annoyed with there. Perhaps I'll change it to Siberia. Haha
    #9 - I had to mow on Monday. /ugh
    #10 - Enjoy Warrior. Enjoy the peace and how much your babies enjoy it along with you.

  3. What a fun list! Your enthusiasm has me smiling!

  4. I hate mowing the lawn...

    I'm jealous of the Cat/Robyn adventure.