Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Slogging along

Started yesterday with a beautiful 33 mile road ride.  Along the way I road out to the beach to check the surf for Mo.  As I was staring at the ocean an old woman jogged up to me.  We both stood there just looking and then she said to me, "we are so lucky".  Damn right.  Then she asked where I came from and where was I going.  She told me she was so thankful to be able to experience the mornings at the beach and to still be running.  
She was awesome and made me smile - I hope to be running and biking at her age!

Weigh in  - 170 - meh...getting better - I'm sure that was water weight...
So food wise - here's what happened yesterday...
Post Ride - mega shake - Kale, rice milk, protein powder, pear, green vibrance, frozen raspberry... It made so much I split it with mo

 The rest of the day was more meh...than anything
I thought having candy from sbux was a good idea...and some coffee cake...- fooey - office meeting nonsense
Lunch was whole grain sweet potato quesadillas and then had a cookie from milk bar in montauk ...doh!
Dinner - seaweed salad..small amount and I chewed the heck out of it...and some fresh sweet cherry tomato, some crackers and then gf pasta with some real sausage.(three bites)..yes- I ate meat, and I felt very very full....fooey.
I did not have any wine. 

Today I'm taking pictures of everything I eat...I wonder if that will help keep me in check. 
Will be running this morning - gonna shoot for walk/run 2.5 miles and some weights and abs...might have to bust out some jillian...yikes!  Have I mentioned that Mo is working out with trainer and holy gun show are so lucky with the quick results...its awesome - crushing on my husband big time :)  ...


  1. love that that woman said that to you this morning -- just beautiful. I was actually thinking of doing the picture thing too to try and keep myself on track...because yesterday after about 3 pm was no bueno for me

  2. I agree, whenever I see people in their 70's, 80's and beyond getting in a workout I pray to God that will someday be me. :)

    The photo thing always helps me stay accountable. Because I KNOW if I EAT it I have to take a photo of it AND I have to post it.

  3. Love love that you are crushing on Mo. That makes me very happy!

  4. I love that you are crushing on Mo!
    Let me know how pictures go! Maybe I will try it:)

  5. Ugh, sometimes I hate men! My husband doesn't lift weights AT ALL, and he has biceps that won't quit. I lift weights often and have flappy arms like a granny!
    I love where you live and am totally jealous!