Saturday, August 3, 2013

Where I'm at

Hi here is whats going on.
I weighed in yesterday at 172.  I have been in denial I guess and living like I can eat, drink and party like all the cool kids.  
Big Mistake...
Here's the thing...I had surgery so that I could live "out loud"  with confidence and not have to think about my body or be held back by my weight....
Although I am heavier that I would like - I am living the life I want.
I'm sure its a combination of being smaller, older and my 20s I was so embarrassed all the time by my - I'm not that bothered.
But what does bother me is knowing that fall clothes are right around the corner, and someones jeans are not going to fit.  I think its almost worse than summer clothes season....the sundress can hide many sins....
So here's what I propose...yet again
Simple eating... 
Today's goal -Going back to liquids
I've said it before but this time I mean liquor, beer or wine.
Seriously - LBG said it best, she did not drink during losing works - it worked for me in the past.
I have definitely been smelling the roses and enjoying the summer a bit too much...




  1. You got this Warrior. Cannot wait to see you on Friday!! /hugs

  2. We are twins in this war and at weight level right now... go see my blog, you may really want to consider eating a very low carb diet after your liquid diet-- and make sure that there isn't too much sugar in those shakes (sorry if this is bossy!) Good luck and keep us posted. You're NOT alone.

  3. yes, i too realize at times I can not party like the cool kids either :( Hang in there!

  4. Proud of you for facing your fear:) Good luck with the reboot!

  5. I "lived" in I'm trying to lose the 30 pounds I gained. :-) My problem is that I have to find the happy medium. Go girl, you got this!