Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

 Most of these are  "notes to self"

1.  Yesterday I went off the rails with food - after only two days of "clean eating".

2.  When I get mad, what makes me think that eating crap will "show them"? - I am such a spoiled child sometimes

3.  Today I'll do better - Going for a bike or run first thing - and have Atkins shakes to bring with me today so I have no reason to buy crap

4. To get to goal I have to eat the way I did when I was first banded and exercise the same amount....If I keep writing that sentence over and over again it will sink in

5.  I don't have to eat like that for ever - just short term to get this last 30 off me and then I can go into maintenance - This is something I need to understand..I get panicky when I think I'll be deprived forever...its just a "phase that I have to push through

6.  These next two days are going to be hell ...the stressful deal that I'm involved with should be finished on Friday

7.  Have an appt to get my hair done and a mani/pedi today - yay!

8. The rest of my thrift haul came last night from Cat!  Yay!  

9.  Dinner out at the Swanky restaurant was amazing - I had a crab leg appetizer with shaved fennel (only ate about a third of it)  Had seafood risotto for dinner-  wow - only had a third of that too but then ate an entire dessert and had two glasses of wine...not a total fail but it was a celebration...I'll definitely go back - they do half portions of entrees too!

10.  You can allow others to control your emotions and perspective each day or you can embrace the freedom of knowing that you can choose to love life and keep doin you - pay no mind to the haters, drama queens and people that will never see the love, joy and beauty in life - its all a choice -
I chose to live in beauty and happiness. 


  1. You are a smart person! I really enjoy your posts. It must run in the 'Vanessa' family or something.

  2. I am a spoiled child sometimes too! :)

  3. #2 is me too babe.
    Still cannot believe your haul arrived within 24 hours. Amaze-balls! Go UPS! : )