Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1. So Excited to See Cat and Robyn tomorrow!!!
2. Taking a Sea Plane today from East Hampton to NYC - crazy adventure...hope the weather is good..
3. Feeling like a bowl full of flubber....I had planned to road ride this morning but my ride was cancelled due to thunderstorms in the area
4. Will go for a run or mtb today instead but am bummed I've been up since 5
5. Was supposed to go to the beach today to visit with a friend who is in town for the week...but the weather isn't looking good
6. So my prayers and dream for my friends who wanted to get pregnant were answered in a big way!
7. I am weirded out that my dreams - the ones that tell the future - are becoming more accurate
8. Also weirded out that they are all about this one person in my life - who is a friend but not super close friend.
9. Can I say again how excited I am for this weekend!
10.  I love my dogs..that is all

Sunset porn last night

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  1. I was so scared of my sea plane ride in Vancouver, but it was great! Enjoy your break!