Monday, August 5, 2013

Operation back to basics - still in effect

Getting up at 5:00 - check
Going for a bike ride before the sun is up - check
Shocked that its 57 degrees in August....WTF

Yesterday recap -
Mountain Bike Ride - heck yes

Two awesome shakes with local produce 
3 Grilled shrimp
Attempted eating seaweed salad...bad idea - band no likey.
Half a bag of skinny popcorn....
Then I headed to the beach for sunset with friends...
For some reason I stopped and had some mac n cheese along the way and a small ice WTF

I've got to shut up the voice that says its ok to eat that shit...
The victory of the day was not drinking yes I'm trying to be kind to myself but was not thrilled with the mac n cheese and ice cream decision...

Today -
Road Riding 
Operation liquids and fresh food still in effect...




  1. Very proud of you Warrior - mac and cheese and ice cream not withstanding (and honestly I think they are fine in small amts...but I get what you mean they need to be avoided for now) Way to kick ass on getting your ride in!

  2. Take the victories! Keep fighting the traps...i.e. mac n cheese and ice cream.