Friday, August 30, 2013

Ten Things Friday

1.  Still stuggling

2. Its Friday of Labor Day Weekend...Wow this summer went fast - 

3. So Happy that Cat is home and resting while being waited on hand and foot!

4. I have nothing to say.

5. Been spending a lot of time at the beach at night and during the day - soaking up the last of the sunshine

6.  Our good friends eloped on Monday - we are so happy for them.

7.  Last night was the worst binge...I ate through all of the stop signals from my band and then I felt like I would pop...blech...

8.  Its definitely emotional eating with sugar addiction - thats my official diagnosis -

Saw this on my bike ride the other morning 

Love these two -  


  1. Thanks for thinking of me Warrior. Absolutely love these pictures!!
    You'll get back on track when your ready and not before. Proud of you for the 17 miles on Weds!

  2. Sorry about the struggle...been there done that will probably be there again. Love all the beach photos!