Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Magic MoJo has rubbed off!

Yesterday went super well! 
Ran/Walked a 5K in the morning ...ended in the pouring rain and soaking wet - making the run that much more badass.
I weighed in at 172.4....going in a better direction - Robyn's whoreface of a scale said I was 174 something...I blame her for feeding me beer and hard cider..ha!  
Going in a better direction.

Yesterday I had a protein shake at 9 - rice milk, green vibrance, spiruteine and PB2 peanut butter.
Lunch at 3 - 1/2 cup of kitcheree with spinach, 1 egg and 1/4 avocado

After work shake - rice milk, 1/2 a banana and protein 

Then went swimming/surfing with Mo - Amazing - there were dolphins swimming with us!  I've never seen that here - there must have been about 10 or 15 of them - it was one of the most beautiful nights I've ever witnessed...


On the way home I had a slice of pizza (no crust) and then 2 cookies when I got home (wtf) - it was an emotional reaction to another situation I am involved in...fighting with friends...

Today - I'm going for another run shortly - its supposed to rain  today so I'll be badass once again.  I'd also like to add in some Jillian torture..

Tonight we are going to dinner with great friends at a swanky plan is to have 2 appetizers and no entree and a bite of someones dessert..and only 1 glass of wine...its a celebration dinner so I'll have to have a glass to toast!! 

Have a great day - and here's to another day doing the best I can!



  1. Robyn's scale is a whore. :)
    Also the pics are gorgeous. I love that you worked and still got to the beach. I want to live every day on vacation can I move there please? Will you sell me a million dollar home?

  2. Okay...I don't know who these "friends" are but you need to cut them out of your life if they are causing you emotional distress. Unfortunately, we sometimes outgrow friendships. It hurts...but it needs to happen. I recently ended a 13 year friendship...I miss her...but I don't miss her drama. Life is easy brezzy now. LOL

  3. I think all scales are whores!

    Love the pictures- DOLPHINS? No way!!

  4. got to love the dolphins...and not the sharks!

  5. So cool about the dolphin! Your meal "out" sounds like a perfect plan!

  6. I usually order 2 appetizers too. Good plan!
    I LOVE your pics, and once again, I'm totally jealous about where you live!

  7. My scale is a whore- the secret is out!! Miss you. Although I think Sydney and Lightning miss you just as much.......

    I have not been on blogger to even read (work is KILLING me) so I am responding to a few different posts here. Vanessa, don't tell your self to be hard core with the food forever, or even until goal. I have to set small time frames or I will freak and binge. Maybe one week total focus. I started with one LONG week without coke that has lead to this last 35ish pound loss.

    Remember, balance..... we talked about that a lot last weekend. The things you said helped me.