Saturday, August 24, 2013

What the Fuck Happened to Me?

****Warning this post is a rant in my head that I needed to get out ******

I did not work out this week....
I ate like it was my job....
I am scared to get on the scale....
My clothes are tight.....
I'm pissed that I am even typing another one of these posts....
What happened to the girl that just worked out and knew she would never go back to they way things were?

I'm in a Funk/Slump....I want to be sloth like for the rest of the summer - sleep in, lay on the beach, hang out with friends, eat ice cream, drink gallons of wine and still feel skinny, look fit, and have lots of energy...Hrumph..

The mojo is gone....I know how to get it back I just have to do one thing better each day...

Whenever I get like this, I reach for some quick fix, a weightloss book, a new weightloss website, a personal trainer, a juice fast, or some other magic potion...
What really needs to happen.... I need to exercise and sit with hunger and cravings acknowledge that they aren't real...they are addiction 

I wish the food addict inside me would take a vacation...I'm thinking I need to take the Poonapalooza approach and just stop, stop thinking that I can have sugar in moderation...the only problem with paleo for me is that I don't eat animal...I guess I could do it with fish? And Veggies? blech - gag (thats the addict in me fighting).

So lets see...the reality of how to fix this feeling is that I can fix it myself without spending $ on a book or some other thing...I can do the following...

Look how simple/Easy this appears.... it only involves making a choices...nothing hard can it be to battle the addict? 

No Dairy. NO SUGAR. - HARD

Fish daily - easy
Veggies - kinda easy
Fruit for something sweet - easy
Exercise daily - or walk somewhere beautiful - fairly easy
Wine in moderation - mmmm okay
Water, water water water  - easy

Meh ~ Will report back to do battle.


  1. me too --- except the fish :( (like it, just not daily)
    and darn I already had sugar in my coffee -- so rest of day then -- totally do not have my mojo either -- I do well until I get homr from work and BAM on the couch and in the fridge
    Hang in there! it'll come back (at least I hope so!)

  2. Oh girl...I'm right there with you. We can do it!

  3. God. I'm sorry. I wish it would help to say I'm having the same feelings...but I know it won't. It's your battle. Your cross to bear....but shitloads of us carry the same one if that's any consolation. xoxo

  4. hang in there...we all go through these times. They SUCK, but make us stronger :)

  5. Simplify, simplify, simplify. I think we tend to over analyze and make grand plans in our head that we ultimately can't keep. So you'll never be a stellar Paleoist. That's okay. Adapt a plan that will work for you. You can still eat whole foods (fish, eggs, veggies, fruits, legumes) and cut out processed stuff. Keep it as simple as you can and follow the 85/15 rule. 85% compliance, 15% other (ie: wine in moderation). For me, sugar is the devil and I just can't go there. If you feel the same, don't do it. There are tons of yummy fruits you can enjoy when you're feeling like a sweet. My favorite treat with my coffee? Dates. So yummy and satisfying when I need a sweet. And the dairy? Dairy goes with the Primal blue print. Primal is very similar to Paleo, except it allows for dairy. I don't do dairy because I feel better without it. I do miss cheese every once in a while, and I'll eat cheese every once in a while, then I'll spend the evening on the toilet. That's why I only do it once in a while. It sucks to be on the toilet. Simplify your life and you will regain control. I promise! You are a successful loser. This struggle is just a blip in the road of your life long journey. Struggling sucks, but make it worth your while and have it be fuel for your fire to move forward and be the best and healthiest you possible. It's time to kick food addiction in the nuts baby! And in my case, I have to kick the nuts for sure. That is now my weakness and I'm eating them like they are the only thing available for consumption in Southern Ontario. Anywho, back to you. Remember, every time you eat processed carbs and refined sugar, Ryan (Gosling) is sad...

    1. "Remember, every time you eat processed carbs and refined sugar, Ryan (Gosling) is sad..."

      HAHA this made me smile!

  6. This week at the beach, I fell completely back into sugar. I know I need to cut it out again, it's horrible for me. For us. I am with you. I wish we could be normal and eat sugar and ice cream in moderation, but I don't think we can. I think we have to work together to fight it. And then just freaking DO this thing. Just get there. Love you Warrior. You ARE a warrior and just remember. Get on your bike today. You'll be glad you did. /love

  7. Ugh, I hear ya, but now that I'm back on school schedule I'm putting myself on a schedule with everything else and starting fresh. You can do this!!