Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Aftermath

No power, phone or Internet and very little cell service but we are fine.
The power is due back in another 5 days. Oy!
I've been eating my through this.
Hoping to post some crazy pictures soon - we were very very lucky a lot of people lost their homes further west of us.
Hope everyone is good - I've not been able to read any blogs.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh Sandy

Godspeed.  - I have always wanted to type a serious actressey kind of way.

The power is still on and I think them major problem here will be coastal flooding.  Storms make me hungry - why did I think it was ok to eat a wedge of brie and a sleeve of ritz crackers? 
I did not race yesterday... I was a total p#$@y.  It looked like it would be rainy in NJ and windy and I felt bad having Mo drive me there.  Turns out my friend raced as me and came in #2 over all!  Dang!  yay!  
My friend just texted me from NYC - even Starbucks is closed.  This is serious.  

Everyone in the path of Sandy - stay safe - I'm already bored so will be heading out for a run.... 
The Ocean yesterday

Local Supermarket yesterday morning

The bread aisle - last night

 We are Ready - below is my emergency kit.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fart Free Chili - its da bomb

By Popular Demand - here is the recipe:

Once you print this out - make a note to add 1 can of medium olives, a can of corn both drained and when you add the chili powder and cumin add about a tablespoon or more of mesquite seasoning - to your taste -
Its an epic dish loved by many many meat eaters.
It makes a ton of food - I give a bunch away and freeze some also.
Sometimes I even make vegan cornbread to go with it....also super yummy!   
The reason it is fart free  ***** rinse all beans first and then they cook for over 8 hours - NO GAS!

In other news - there is a storm heading my way....oy.  I think I can still get to NJ for my race tomorrow...planning on it unless I hear differently.  We rode our beloved trails yesterday - the foliage is perfect and it is warm and calm....but I know after this week they will be shut down and we will be spending a lot of time with chain saws clearing instead of riding....such is life.
I'm making slow cooker chick pea curry and some other things to hold us over but I think the east end of long island will be out of the main path...
In weight loss news - my clothes are tight.  Fooey.

Did you know that dr. ruth makes wine???

Last light of fall

Trail Blaze and fungi

Bike Porn..last ride on the trails

Ed in the Wild...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten Things Thursday ~ yuppers!

Thanks Laura Belle~ you Rock!

1.  Yesterday was a good day.  Food-wise a win!  Thanks to Miss Lorie for the support! 

2.  I got in my 5k trail run at the end of the day - took 1:30 off my last run ...didnt realize I was going that fast.  I even did some situps and squats too.  I feel great.

3. The weather for looking good...hurricane?  What the flip!  Dangit!  What is it with the last weekend in October?  Last year we had a freak snow storm.  urgh!

4Making my famous fart free slow cooker vegan mesquite chilli - so yummy!

5.  Today I pick up my geared bike from the shop - I had aggressive tires put on for the race.  

6.  I found a house in Vermont on 21 acres that is totally off the grid - on top of a hill with huge mountain views and is brand new.....I want to be there!  only 230K - I showed it to Mo ....he's not jumping on the hippy wagon as quickly as I am.

7.  Today - Mountain Biking after work - I'm psyched!

8.  I'll not make it to 10 ~ have to get cooking!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting Real

Ok - there is a lot of stuff that I want to write about this morning - my awsome MTB ride yesterday, office pranks and this weekend's upcoming race.  
But more importantly I want to write about food.  
Going cold turkey in particular.
Thats what worked in the past it will work again.
I have been reading up on the ladies in maintenance and they only occasionaly have a treat on the weekends or here and there.  I'm not sure when it happened but I've been "using" to get through the day.  Hard phone call? - sure have a Pumkin Spice Latte - 400+ cals 
Bad Appointment? - of course you deserve some chocolate 600+ cals
Have to run around all day with no break?  I must slam down some peanut m&ms to get through
Watching Dexter and Homeland - doesnt everyone need grilled cheese and frozen yogurt?

Am I stupid? What the hell is going on here?  I read a post recently - sorry I forgot who posted it - about how being a food addict means you can't be casual with food - its always going to be a problem - (like crack)I must be vigilant about it.  I don't get to just casually have ice cream around the house.  I don't get to use the excuse that I am too busy to grocery shop and make my food.  I don't get eat what everyone else eats at the pub or when we go out.  At least not now.  I'm too close to the edge and out of control.  

Yesterday I went mountain biking with the boys at the bike park - 14 miles - and lots of fun - I was exhausted and rewarded myself with Edy's frozen yogurt and a grilled cheese...

Back to basics today.  Instead of being overwhelmed by the big picture...I'm going to handle each situation individually.  

Monday, October 22, 2012

Good morning Autumn!

Its dark out - but I cant wait to put on my shoes and run - the trees are putting on a beautiful show here this week!  

We've got an extra dog with us this week.  My neighbor and friend had a bad bike accident and is recovering from surgery so we've got her dogThank god she broke no bones and is just banged up...that being said I saw her last night and wow is she banged up - but nothing that won't heal quickly.  Thanks for your good vibes yesterday.
The extra dog is a terrier mix - very sweet but a bit different in energy level than my hound we have been doing two a days at the beach to get this girl tired!

Yesterday was an epic mountain bike ride - 17.5 miles - we rode and rode and rode though the woods - me n Jeanine - it was so cathartic for me.   I was wiped out after - even took a nap - gasp!
You would think I would have fallen right asleep after that - but last night I went to bed at 9 and didn't sleep until after 2am...urgh.  Not sure what is going on because I pride myself on being able to get 9/10 hours of sleep on average. 

Fun fact - when I buy some type of snack that I shouldn't eat and then proceed to drive and chow down ... I've taken to eating only a few bites/pieces and then thowing the remainder out of my car window (not the packaging of course) wasteful but definately saving my ASS!

So today 10/22/12 - here's the plan...
Trail Run - 5K
Look back over last year and see what the hell I was eating when I was loosing - its like I forgot what to eat....
Protein Shake for Breakfast
Veggie Chili for Lunch